Since 2005 when he first addressed the adventure travel community at the Adventure Travel World Summit in Seattle, Washington, Shannon Stowell, now ATTA CEO, has been sharing his heart and his vision for this industry. Over the years he has helped lead our extensive global community and returns to the stage with the most relevant message for this time: we must join together and put everything we have into using adventure travel as a force for good. Tourism — a $2.3 trillion USD industry according to Euromonitor — is now accessible to unprecedented waves of people from all walks of life. Commercial adventure travel is the gateway into nature and local communities for many and because of this, we have an important opportunity: through our experiences, we must influence how people interact with the environment and each other. The connection our industry has to travelers is the key to scaling conservation to the massive degree required to change the course of life on Earth, and never before has this been more important.

In this inspiring and heartfelt call to action, Shannon calls on each of us to take specific measures in our business endeavors and through our communication channels to alter consumer behavior around the world.



CEO, Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA)

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